RALPH SANIN – an unknown german graphic

Ralph Sanin was a german painter and graphic artist.  Some his works should be exibited or collected in the Albertinum in Vienna, Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin and Museum in Darmstadt (Germany). I bought him because I like his particular attention to detail and the quality of his works.

front detail 02

If you search him on the web, you will find rare information and woodcut engraving, I was not able to find his birth and death records.

front signature

I do not known about reasons he is unknown artist.  Works I found  in web  are mainly views.


Woodcut engraving handmade and watercolour, overall dimensions (including original frame) 26,8 x 34 cm. Signed “Ralph Sanin”. Verso one stamp and one unreadable german word plus date 1926.  I bought it more than 10 years ago, no other information.