Henri-Edmond Cross, (20 May 1856 – 16 May 1910) was a French painter and printmaker. He is most acclaimed as a master of Neo-Impressionism, and he played an important role in shaping the second phase of that movement. He was very influential to Henri Matisse and many other artists, and his work was an instrumental influence in the development of Fauvism (wikipedia).


Painting I bought should be part of a group of oil works entitled “etude pour la clairière en Provence” made during 1906.


During my first period i was excited of having works of famous artists. I bought several of them, but later I understand It was not what I wanted.

Probably a vendor sells a painting of a famous artist because he believes it has not value.

I remember I bought that for two reason: it is not a copy of an existing painting, that painting was, like the works mentioned above, painted  in linen paper.


However I believe it is a fake painting, first reason is the aspect of woman not seems to be of the early twentieth century,  the second one is that it does not seem to be totally the style of painting of Henri Cross.


Oil on linen paper. Signed “H. Edm. Cross” . Dimensions 36,6 x 40,4 cm.